Keeping the skin moisturised is essential to combat photo aging and to prevent problems caused by sun exposure, but you do need to ensure you choose the right sunscreen for you. There are many factors that determine the choice of a cream: sex, age, skin type, however, most people do not take these elements into account when choosing their sun cream.

The benefits obtained by the application of the daily cream can be enhanced by the use of the indicated sun cream. So, to choose a sun cream you must take into account the protection factor but also, the type of skin that is protected.

Moisturising sun protection from mesoestetic is a very high sun protection for normal and dry skins that thanks to the incorporation of several sunscreens, it performs a barrier effect of the UV rays. In addition, this sun cream contains moisturising and antioxidant properties to become the indispensable complement of any type of treatment such as a skin peel, that leads to a transient dehydration of the epidermis.

The mesoestetic dermatological sun protection is formulated for sensitive, combination and greasy skins, with a wide spectrum against UVA and UVB radiation. It is too an ideal complement to treatments that entail a transient dehydration of the skins or to greasy skins, that due to their secretory characteristics, require lipid-free moisturising products.

Use of a sun cream should not replace the application of the daily cream, the mode of application will first be the product corresponding to the usual treatment and then apply the sun cream before the photo exposure. It is necessary to repeat its application whenever necessary, depending on the photo exposure. At Mesoestetic we recommend taking special precaution with the sun for both aesthetic and health reasons and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun even when using a sunscreen.

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