photogen system

Multiple Treatment Platform, Optimum Results.


Photogen System (Radiophotonic Multitherapy) synergistically combines the most effective Technologies (Radiofrequency and Phototherapy) with Medical Cosmetics formulated to increase the effects achieving spectacular results from the very first session.

Photogen System is a versatile medical-beauty platform with multiple body and facial treatments. It has 4 treatment programmes that are designed to meet the specific needs of each individual patient. It also includes a free mode programme that enables the physician to customize treatments, which gives maximum flexibility for the patient.



photogen-1Photogen System (Radiophotonic Multitherapy) is the most versatile medical-aesthetical platform on the market, as it combines in synergic form the most effective technologies ( Radio-frequency and Phototherapy ) with a range of M edical Cosmetics formulated with the aim of boosting the effects, achieving amazing results from the very first session.

4 technologies which complement each other to obtain the best results, acting at different levels:
Unipolar radiofrequency : generates deep, selective heating at dermic level which produces the contraction and restructuring of the collagen, bringing about an immediate tensing effect and an improvement in the quality of the tissues. It works at a deep level (2-3 cm)

It is a very effective technique for treating cellulite, localized fat and intense body reaffirming.
Unipolar transfer : thanks to a few specific levels of frequencying, it produces changes in the permeability of the membrane, allowing the penetration of active ingredients at dermic level.

Bipolar radiofrequency : acts at a more superficial level (0,5-1 cm) producing a controlled increment of temperature in the dermis and increasing the activity of the fibroblasts which multiply the formation of collagen and elastine, thereby achieving an intense lifting effect without the need for carrying out any type of surgical intervention.
Phototherapy with High Intensity LEDs : CompLED System: application of electromagnetic energy with different wavelengths on the tissues which generates beneficial effects:

photogen-5Infra-red light (880 nm) : Intense regenerating, healing, cellulite and localised fat.
Red light (660 nm) : biostimulating and repairing effect, increase in cell metabolism.
Amber light (590 nm) : antiaging and antiwrinkle effect, increase in skin luminosity.
Blue light (470 nm) : acne.
Frequency: 1 MHz
Energy Density: 150 J/cm2
Spot diameter: 3 cm
No. Diodes: 140
LED Power: 0.5 W/LED

Scientific Studies

2009A prospective clinical study to evaluate efficiency and safety of RFLED to treat cellulite
Dr. Jean-Luc Levy y Dr. André Zurn