Two of the body areas that worry women are the breasts and buttocks because as we get older they may not be quite as firm as they once were. The skin of the bust area is considerably thinner and more delicate and fragile than in other areas of the body, making it essential to provide special care for prevention of loss of firmness and to improve the appearance. The buttocks also visibly show the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, weakened muscles make the zone more likely to exhibit signs of flaccidity and poor tone. Both areas are made up of glands, fibres and fatty tissues which, over the years, tend to change their shape and density, leading to signs of flaccidity.

mesoestetic, as part of its bodyshock line for reshaping body contours, has developed bodyshock push-up, a firming cream for the breasts and buttocks that provides a home treatment to complement the professional salon treatment. This product has been specifically formulated to stimulate the skin of the breasts and buttocks to encourage synthesis and optimise its own natural systems, treating the principal root cause of flaccidity.

The firming, toning and tensing active ingredients of bodyshock push-up, act in synergy with the professional treatment to restore firmness and turgidity to the treated areas.