You have made it through Christmas, as well as the long month that is January. It’s now time to leave it behind and step up our routine a gear! At mesoestetic we have the solution to make feel good about yourself and resume good habits. Forget about the express diets and the miraculous juices that promise to renew you inside and out. Most of us during the post-Christmas period feel more bloated and uncomfortable, but, it is not always about an increase in weight – simply the body needs to return to normal and recover its natural balance.

At mesoestetic we suggest you listen to your body: follow a healthy diet, sleep 8 hours a day and get active. Yes, they are the usual tips, but accompanied by extra help such as food supplements, it the perfect equation to return to feel good.

Take care from within

Mesoestetic nutraceuticals help your body eliminate toxins, feel lighter and more energetic and also reinforce the results of your topical treatments. Discover which of our nutraceuticals is the solution for your specific needs.

grascontrol ®

grascontrol is a nutritional program that will help you maintain your ideal weight. Nutritional supplements that facilitate the digestive processes in a healthy and natural way.

Grascontrol ® L-Carnitine

It is a nutritional supplement that facilitates the transport of fatty acids into cells, where they are used to obtain energy. Ideal to complement the sessions of physical exercise, since they help the body to accelerate the metabolism and the fat burning and produce a sensation of increase of energy.

Grascontrol ® Artichoke Extract

How to end liquid retention? Grascontrol ® Artichoke Extract is a dietary supplement with depurative action, indicated to combat and prevent fluid retention, accumulation of fats or the sensation of swelling, as well as helping to reduce cholesterol levels.


If you want, in addition, a shock action to combat bodyshock silhouette alterations is what you were looking for. For a 360º action, the line includes 3 cosmeceuticals for topical application and 2 nutraceuticals for oral administration.

bodyshock reduce pills

These capsules fight from the inside the accumulation of fat inhibiting the absorption and accumulation in the tissues. Get a smoother, more even skin by combating fluid retention and fatty adipose tissue.

bodyshock slim-up! reducer

It is an intensive oral supplement to combat the accumulations of fat located in an express way. It is recommended to combine this product with the professional bodyshock treatment.

Bye bye to January blues! It’s time to take care of yourself inside and out and enjoy feeling good about your routine.