Summer's just around the corner and that forgotten New Year's Resolution of “I’m going to take care of myself this year” comes back to haunt us, except that now it's even more urgent and we have less time to devote to it. For mesoestetic, the challenge is about feeling good, not playing around with fad diets or express tanning solutions that are damaging to skin and harmful to health. To find out how you can be the envy of the beach this summer, read on.

In summer, there are two things that concern us more than anything else: our figure and the tone of our skin. To show off that much-desired tan, not only do we need to use adequate sun protection, we also need to take special care of our skin. mesoestetic has the products you need to make it through the summer and reach September looking and feeling better than ever.

mesoestetic’s new sun protection line, mesoprotech, is your ally whatever your skin type. Each mesoprotech product has been developed to meet the needs of different skin types: sensitive, damaged, normal and combination, oily and acne-prone, dry and mature. The formulas combine safety with an effective antioxidant and antiaging action, boosting collagen production and avoiding skin photoaging.

We have just added a new product called reduce&go to the bodyshock family, mesoestetic's body range, and it's already a firm favourite of the victims of today's hectic pace of life. Shake, spray & go: that’s how easy it is to tackle localised cellulite. Reduce & go joins the existing 7 products in the bodyshock family designed to tackle body concerns.

Other recent launches by mesoestetic include concentrated active solutions, the new home ampoules range. Five highly-concentrated exclusive formulas packaged in individual sealed glass ampoules to ensure optimal dosing of the active ingredients for visible results. When you overdo it in the sun, melatonin ampoules will help you achieve that perfect complexion thanks to their intensive night-time regenerating action. For those special summer evenings, antiaging flash ampoules have an antifatigue and instant lifting effect to give you an inner glow.

If you want to learn more about mesoestetic and need a custom treatment, visit our recommendation page and discover the perfect combination for your needs and skin type.