Visually dry skin is often seen as matte, smooth and normally without imperfections. But there is something you should keep in mind- it ages faster than the others if it is not treated well. Discover how to take care of it to avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles and expression lines.

If you notice your skin is tight and it flakes easily, then it is more susceptible to external agents and you will notice that it lacks vitality and radiance. The drier the skin, the sooner it tends to age – But the good news is that if you learn to take care of it with the right products and routine, it’s very grateful and you will see results quickly.

We give you below a suggested intensive routine to restore hydration to your skin and strengthen the natural protection barriers in a few days.


Apply the hydra cream fusion cleanser , a cleansing cream to oil that intensively hydrates and respects the skin’s physiological balance. Apply morning and evening with your fingertips on the décolleté, neck and face, making circular movements to remove makeup and impurities. Remove the product with lukewarm water and with the help of a special sponge.


Proceed with the application of the hydratonic mist with a ‘spritz’ to provide extra hydration and decongest the skin, leaving it fresh, smooth and soft.


Apply 4 or 5 drops of HA densimatrix, concentrated with pure, high-quality hyaluronic acid, which provides a moisturising action on key layers of the skin. You will notice an intense and long-lasting hydration.


Apply a proteoglycan ampoule by massaging with upward movements until completely absorbed. You will notice an extra contribution of hydration, nutrition and elasticity.

Finish by applying the anti-aging cream that works best for you followed by mesoprotech nourishing antiaging oil SPF50+, the perfect sunscreen for dry skin thanks to its formulation rich in omega 3 and 6, which provide elasticity and nutrition to the skin, to see that they help to strengthen the barrier function.


Apply the hydra vital mask two or three times a week on clean and dry skin, leaving it to act for about 20 minutes. This mask is specially designed for dry skin with a lack of hydration, so you will quickly notice its repairing, nourishing and revitalizing effects.

Following this intensive routine, you will see how your skin is quickly rebalanced.