dermamelan® by mesoestetic, the benchmark depigmentation method for doctors all over the world.

Since its launch in 2005, mesoestetic’s dermamelan® has become the international benchmark depigmentation method for medical use, trusted by thousands of doctors and over one million patients all over the world. Thanks to its corrective, regulating action, it works for removing skin hyperpigmentations of melanin origin, while regulating melanin overproduction in melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling reappearance of new spots. Therefore, it achieves short and long-term results to maintain hyperpigmentation under control in any phototype and ethnicity.

With presence in over 90 countries, mesoestetic has been able to know first-hand the opinion and experience of doctors using dermamelan® around the world. In addition, scientific studies performed with the collaboration of these international experts have allowed to evaluate and measure the efficacy and safety degree of the dermamelan® method in the treatment of facial melasma in patients with a multi-ethnic profile and differentiated skin phototypes (according to the Fitzpatrick scale).

Doctor Michèle Ferdani, from France, states: “It is the most effective for melasma and, even if I try other products out of curiosity, I continue using dermamelan®. I always begin with this protocol, which is effective and normally sufficient, and provides significant satisfaction”.
His Mexican colleague, Dr. Gabriel Ayala, trusts the method when treating his patients: “It is the number 1 treatment for hyperpigmentations. I recommend it to patients with melasma on over 70% of the face, in PIH and advanced photoaging, if they want to see fast results”.
Furthermore, Dr. Mamadou, from Senegal, reports the good outcomes of dermamelan® in patients with very high phototypes: “With the use of dermamelan®, treated patients with melasma and PIH are really satisfied”.
Finally, Dr. Manuel Asín Llorca, founder of the Centro Dermatológico Estético in Alicante (Spain), explains: “I use dermamelan® to treat melasma as it has a very good tolerability and efficacy”.

In 2018, mesoestetic updated its method with two new coadjuvants, melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control, which work synergistically to increase the depigmentation and preventive action of dermamelan® against the appearance of new spots, as well as to improve the quality and resistance of skin to the controlled aggressions caused by the treatment.

With these new solutions, dermamelan® is reinforced and improved, so it continues to be the benchmark depigmentation method and the number of doctors and patients loyal to the treatment increases.

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