Repeated facial movements and expressions cause the skin around the eyes to become thinner and more fragile as we age. As a result, fine lines or crow’s feet, eye bags and dark circles typically appear in this area. Discover the best home and professional treatments to combat these issues.

effective under-eye bag treatments

The eye contour is a sensitive area that requires specific treatment. Dark circles under the eyes, under-eye bags, and crow's feet are common concerns. But don't worry! There are diverse treatments available today to address these issues. These include various methods to treat eye contour imperfections (e.g. periocular peels), eye contour mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid injections and home care solutions.

These methods and products can be combined to tackle these skin issues effectively and provide immediate and lasting results. For example, combining hyaluronic acid injections with other cosmetic techniques, such as peels and mesotherapy, stimulates the formation of new collagen by fibroblasts, resulting in improved skin quality, elasticity and firmness.

Professional under-eye bag treatments

Chemical peels 

Chemical peels work by accelerating the skin's cell regeneration by applying chemical exfoliants. The exfoliating action helps to eliminate the outer layers of the skin, acting at different depths of the skin tissue. This, in turn, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin (structural elements of the skin) and increases fibroblast activity, improving firmness and elasticity, evens out skin tone (reducing dark eye circles), corrects blemishes and reduces wrinkles.


Mesotherapy is a medical procedure used to administer active substances through a series of microinjections to combat cosmetic concerns, such as getting rid of crow's feet and eye bags. The procedure is particularly effective for the eye contour, thanks to the combination of the physical stimulation provided by the needle (mechanical stimulation) and the pharmacological effect of the targeted blend of active ingredients.

Before and after: dark circle treatment with a peel and mesotherapy

The combination of a peel (from the mesopeel® MD range) and mesotherapy (from the mesohyal™ range) produced the following results 15 days after treatment:

Before and after dark circle treatment

Study conducted at mesoestetic® using mesopeel® MD periocular and mesohyal™ melilot.1

Hyaluronic acid fillers  

Finally, a hyaluronic acid filler helps restore facial volume, correcting structural changes and rejuvenating the apearance of the face. This non-surgical and minimally invasive alternative to other cosmetic medical treatments helps correct eye contour imperfections, such as eye bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Before and after: dark circle treatment with hyaluronic acid

Before and after dark circle treatment

Study conducted at mesoestetic® using mesofiller® periocular.2  


Cosmetic products to eliminate dark eye circles

After undergoing medical treatment, it is imperative to care for your skin at home to enhance and prolong the desired results.

An ideal home care solution is the age element® eye contour range. Each solution contains specific ingredients to target different concerns in the eye area.

age element® brightening eye contour reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue and restores radiance to the eyes. Apply morning and night using the ceramic applicator.

age element® firming eye contour delivers a revitalising and tightening effect to lift the eyelid. Apply morning and night using the ceramic applicator.

age element® anti-wrinkle eye contour helps to combat puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines. Apply morning and night using the ceramic applicator. 

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1 Corrección de imperfecciones en zona periorbital: reducción de: arrugas, ptosis palpebral e hipercromía idiopática mediante la administración de mesopeel® PERIOCULAR y mesohyalTM MELILOT. Galceran F. MD, Lorente E. MD, Vidal R. MD., Luis L. MD.

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