Epigenetics is a variable that we shouldn’t ignore when looking for antiaging treatments that are genuinely suited to each user.

Each person has a different skin, with its own characteristics in terms of pigmentation, texture, elasticity, etc. But our environment also has a major influence on the health and appearance of our skin, conditioning the natural aging process. This is known as epigenetics.

In this article we're going to talk about this field of biomedical research, which has a great effect on the appearance of our skin, and we'll explain its influence on skin aging. We'll also be presenting mesoestetic® treatments and solutions developed thanks to the latest advances and innovations in this promising field of research.

Understanding what epigenetics is

Skin aging is related to two major groups of factors. On the one hand, there are intrinsic factors, that is, our genetic predisposition to follow a certain "aging path" in the deterioration of our skin's tissues, structures and molecules.

On the other hand, there are a series of external factors that, as whole, are known as the exposome.. These factors have a key influence on the patterns of skin aging. Among them are sun exposure, exposure to aggressive agents, nutrition, sedentary lifestyles, pollution and smoking. These are known as epigenetic factors.

Why is epigenetics significant in skin aging?

Epigenetics is the set of external factors that modify DNA activity without changing its sequence. Using music as a metaphor, we could say that genetics is the score and epigenetics is its interpretation: the score is the basis, but the final result will be largely defined by its interpretation.

Therefore, our lifestyle plays a significant role in these epigenetic changes, which in turn can activate or deactivate certain parts of our genetic code. Understanding this is key to being able to synchronize our skin's natural protection and repair processes and, as a result, being able to prevent or reverse skin aging.

Tailored anti-aging solutions

After several years of researching epigenetics, mesoestetic® has developed age element®, a range of solutions with patented epigenetics efficacy that combines an in-cabin treatment with a range of home products.

The range promotes cellular regeneration mechanisms by boosting the production of essential proteins and cell longevity, activating the "switch" that reestablishes the skin's functions and elements that diminish with age and enhance beauty at every stage of life.

It is a comprehensive, innovative and effective treatment that has been carefully designed to combat the origin of skin aging and correct its visible effects and that adapts to the characteristics of each person and to each point in life in five phases spanning five weeks (five in-cabin sessions and a home protocol):

  • Diagnosis: analysis of variables and definition of a personalised protocol.
  • Preparation: make-up removal and skin cleansing.
  • Stimulation: enhancing regeneration and the penetration of active ingredients.
  • Activation: contribution of active ingredients based on each case.
  • Enhancement: personalised complementary contribution.

Depending on the sign of aging that we wish to treat, by combining products from the following ranges we can create a tailored routine:

Antiaging brightening solutions

When your main concern is the loss of skin luminosity and it presents an irregular tone or the first lines of expressions appear, stabilized vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are your main allies.

Discover the age element® ANTIAGING BRIGHTENING SOLUTIONS range

Antiaging firming solutions

If the problem is a lack of firmness and a loss of definition of the facial oval, we have a problem with flaccidity. In these cases peptides and phytoactive tightening ingredients will help us gain elasticity.

Discover the age element® ANTIAGING FIRMING SOLUTIONS range

Antiaging anti-wrinkle solutions

The appearance of wrinkles and the deepening of expression lines are a sign of thin, fragile skin and results in a loss of facial volume. Plant-based retinol retexturizes the skin and biopeptides protect and regenerate it.

Discover the age element® ANTIAGING ANTI-WRINKLE SOLUTIONS range

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