There is a depigmentation treatment suitable for every need, which depends on the type of skin spots, phototype and the chosen protocol.

The aim of a depigmentation treatment is to remove or reduce skin spots. However, there are different types of skin spots, especially on the face, as well as many ways of keeping them under control... but, which are these methods and which are suited to each case?

The origin of skin spots, in their various manifestations (melasma, PHI, lentigo, ephelides, etc.), is in the overproduction of melanin. Genetic predispositions aside, there are different triggers. The sun is the main one, but there are also others involved, both external (exposure to chemicals) and internal (hormones).

Depigmentation treatments, what do they consist in?

Simply explained, their aim is to reduce or regulate the production of melanin in the dermis as well as its accumulation and the darkening in the outer layer of the la epidermis -these are the visible spots-.

The other major pillar of an effective treatment is personalization, as each skin is different. Therefore, in order to achieve an effective depigmentation action we need to consider each person's type of skin, the type of skin spot and the procedures. Before initiating a depigmentation treatment, we must visit a doctor. Find your nearest medical center for a diagnosis.

When defining these treatments, we should bear in mind that we can act at various levels (on both the dermis and epidermis) and combine various solutions: basically, transcutaneous topical applications and peels (or exfoliations). In addition, we can prescribe medical and professional therapeutic procedures in combination with home protocols to refine and maximize long-term efficacy.

Depigmentation topical treatments

This category includes what are commonly known as "depigmenting creams", although an effective treatment involves much more than just these. And not only because the pack includes various products for specific use...


With over one million satisfied patients, this non-aggressive professional aesthetic treatment is based on a dual corrective and regulating action at both the dermal and epidermal level. Following a first phase at an aesthetic center are three phases that are carried out at home, guided by the professional. It is effective on all types of spots, and even in patients with darker phototypes.


This range of medical depigmentation treatments aims to remove the spots and regulate the production of melanin. Recent patented innovations support a two-phase procedure: a first phase in consultation, including a diagnosis; and then a four-month home protocol aimed at regulating the overproduction of melanin in the long term..


A peel is a highly effective, prompt exfoliating treatment based on applying various acids on the most superficial layers of the skin (the so-called stratum corneum of dead skin cells). Here is an effective option:

mesopeel® melanoplus

The combination of trichloroacetic acid, kojic acid and bexaretinyl allows for a specifically designed, medium intensity, focal medical treatment against hyperpigmentation that is suitable for any type of skin. A highly effective solution on both the face and body.

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