official mesoestetic® products

the importance of choosing authorised channels and treatments

In order to ensure that the mesoestetic® products or treatments purchased are authentic and have been developed and marketed by us in a way that ensures their safety and effectiveness, it is important to always purchase from authorised centres or online stores.

Name Web Status
mesoestetic® United Kingdom
Face the Future
RESET Medical Aesthetic Clini
RO Skin
Hannah London
Ef Skin
DPC Therapy Clinic
Hollie’s Skincare
The Beauty Bistro
Ways Pharmacy
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Name Web Status
reliable medicare
reliable medicare
LSF Dermal Fillers
care to beauty
amazon United Kingdom
mesoestetic products
Dermacure Clinic
Pretty Glorious London
Wimpole Pharmacy
Filler Bay
Davici Furniture
Desert Cart
Bonanza Market
Care Lineage
Direct Derma Supplies
Beautology Shop
Vulcan aesthetics
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the risk of purchasing mesoestetic® products from non-official sellers

Purchasing mesoestetic® products via unauthorised channels can carry risks to your health or that of your customers. Please consider the following before purchasing a mesoestetic® product:

  • a- counterfeit products:
    Products that have not passed health or safety checks, and may contain ingredients that can be harmful to health. They also lack a guarantee in the event of a defect or problem, leaving the consumer unprotected in the event of an incident.

  • b- handling:
    Although registered by mesoestetic®, products may have been manipulated by third parties, losing their guarantee of safety and effectiveness. It is important to ensure that the product packaging is properly closed and sealed and that it has not been modified in any way or handled incorrectly.

  • c-expiry date:
    It is very important to ensure that the products purchased have not expired. When products are outside their validity period, the condition, safety and effectiveness offered by mesoestetic® can no longer be guaranteed.

  • d- distribution chain:
    All products must be stored and shipped in specific conditions. If this is not the case, their qualities may be altered.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

professional treatments in authorised centres
the importance of receiving treatments at an authorised centre

All mesoestetic® professional treatments must be carried out in authorised medical or aesthetic centres. Their distribution online is not permitted and we strongly discourage their application at home without professional follow-up.


purchases for professionals
acquisition of mesoestetic® treatments

Our professional treatments, which are exclusively for sale to professionals in the sector, must be purchased through official distributors. If you need to check if a distributor is authorised, you can contact us via the contact form.

Contact mesoestetic® UK

homecare products
purchasing mesoestetic® products to use at home

mesoestetic® homecare products must be purchased from licensed aesthetic or medical-aesthetic centres or from any other authorised website.