energy C

Professional brightening treatment for face, neck and expression line correction.


Sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress oxidize the skin and make it lose its brightness. With the passing of time, it becomes dull and the first wrinkles appear. energy C is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vitamin C, that has been formulated to respond to the first signs of chrono and photoaging.

Twofold antioxidant action: energy C is able to neutralise free radicals and to regenerate the cell membrane.

UVA and UVB photoprotector: thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, energy C reduces post-sun erythema.

Brightening effect: energy C brightens the tone, improves pigmentary lesions and prevents the formation of blemishes.

Expression lines and fine wrinkles reduction: energy C induces the collagen synthesis and provides moisturisation.


Professional Treatment



Method / Protocol

Phase I : Skin preparation

Clean and tone up the neckline, neck and face with hydra milk cleanser and hydratonic.

Phase II : Energising Massage

Prepare the mixture for massage by emulsifying 3 doses of facial massage cream (6ml) with a single dose of energy C serum.


Phase III : Boosting the result

Take the two pieces of crystal fiber mask out of the packet.  First apply the piece for the neck, adapting it’s placement to the anatomic shape.


Heat slightly in the hands, spread the product and begin the manoeuvres detailed in the energising massage protocol (15mins)

Allow to act for 20 minutes.

Phase IV : Finishing

Massage again the content of one dose of facial massage cream until it is fully absorbed.


Phase V : Home Maintenance

The professional pack includes a bottle of energy c intensive cream for home maintenance of the results obtained in the beauty salon.


Complete the treatment with the application of moisturising sun protection.

Home – Intensive Cream

energy-c-8Brightening Cream formulated to respond to the first signs of aging.  Its concentration in stable Vitamin C unifies the skin tone providing it with brightness.  Its antioxidant properties counteract the harmful effects of ultra violet rays, preventing premature photoaging.  The combination of its active substances provides moisturising and attenuates fine wrinkles and expression lines.

Other active substances

Osilift: Ingredient obtained from oats, with immediate tensor properties.  Cumulative effect for the treatment of fine wrinkles and expression lines.

Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant.  Protects the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation.  Improves tissue micro-circulation.

Method of Use

Apply morning and night onto the face, neck and neckline using a gentle circular motion until product has fully absorbed.

Home – Eye Contour

Energising cream formulated to respond to stage 1 signs of aging in the particular area.  Its high vitamin C concentration exerts a cumulative action against eye rings that gradually removes the signs of tiredness.  The existence of plant tensors, collagen synthesis stimulants and restoring elastic fibre’s provides moisturising and tonicity, counteracting the appearance of the first wrinkles in the eye contour.

Other active substances

Organic Silicon: Enhances moisturising and regeneration of elastin fibers.  Prevents the formation of free radicals.

Elastin: Improves skin elasticity and is moisturising.  Effective against expression lines.

Method of use

Apply morning and night in the eye contour by means of gently touching with the fingertips until it is fully absorbed.

Home – Complex

energy-c-10Four weeks of intensive antioxidant, moisturising and tensor treatment.  It stimulates the skins ability to protect against free radicals,keeping it in a state of eudermia.  Ultra concentrated vitamin C (10%) is encapsulated in the protective cap to keep its properties unaltered until it is used.  Once vitamin C has been released, store the serum in the freezer and use for seven consecutive days.  Each bottle corresponds to one week of treatment .  To keep the skin in optimum conditions, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every four months.

Active substances:

10% Ascorbyl glucoside

Osilift: Tensor of plant origin with anti-wrinkle properties.

Flash lifting effect

Vitamin E: Improves skin nourishing and elasticity and provides a response to fine wrinkles and expression lines.

Method of use:

Apply the contents of one pipette (1 ml) at night onto the face, neck and neckline using a gentle circular motion until it is fully absorbed.