mesocaps by mesoestetic

The mesocaps food supplement range is a new frontier in mesoestetic’s research and development aimed at innovation and finding specific solutions to contribute and increase treatment efficacy.

  • 6 exclusive formulations
  • High concentration of active ingredients
  • They complement all mesoestetic products and product lines.

A World of Choice

What are food supplements?

  • Dietary supplements with an artificial presentation, such as capsules, pills or vials.
  • They synergise with other products, which provides extraordinary benefits as it entails an increase in the action of different substances when taken jointly.
  • They do not provide the same amount of energy as food, but instead supplement its deficiencies, as they are easily absorbed by the body.
  • Then, if they cannot be used as a replacement of a balanced diet, what are they and what are their differences?

Are all food supplements equal?

  • No. There are different kinds of food supplements, as they don’t have the same effects and have not been manufactured to the highest quality standards or active ingredient quality.
  • The main difference between two food supplements is the concentration of active ingredients and the synergy between them, which will increase their efficacy.

What are the difference between mesoestetic food supplements and other brands?

  • Always trying to go the extra mile, mesoestetic not only takes nutrition into consideration, but also the highest pharmaceutical quality standards in each food supplement, providing value-added to the market.

mesoestetic and nutraceuticals

Why it is important to use nutraceuticals?

As the years go by, our body stops producing certain substances on its own, so an extra ration of nutrients is required to counteract the lack of autonomous production.
Urban life and fast living cause cell oxidation, which causes premature ageing.
We are exposed to an increasing number of external oxidising agents, which requires some extra strength in our bodies to be able to fight them from within.
The purpose of food supplements is to provide, prevent and reinforce.

Why is mesoestetic endorsing these products?

The IN & OUT treatment covers the two main routes in which nutrients reach the skin: from the organism (IN) and topically, applying the active ingredients directly on the skin (OUT).

The synergy of IN&OUT ingredients and products boosts results and provides tissues with the required energy, protection and nutrients to extend their properties and keep them healthy for longer.

Krill mesocap

antiox mesocap

Age Repair mesocap

Eye Contour mesocap

Sun Defense mesocap

tricology mesocap