glycolic_peelglycolic peel

Intensive care for skin, anti-aging treatment to reduce wrinkles or expression lines as well as nourish and hydrate.

Mesoestetic Glycolic Peel is an Alphahydroxyacid from sugar cane with excellent anti-aging properties available in concentrations of 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% (medical use only)

An organic acid rich in vitamins, minerals, vegetable hormones and sugar Glycolic acid stimulates the creation of collagen, encouraging skin cell regeneration.  Ideally suited for anti-aging treatments aiming to reduce wrinkles or expression lines, providing hydration and nourishment for the skin.

Mesoestetic Glycolic Peel also helps with the elimination of toxins from the skin helping oxygenate and energise whilst keeping the skin fresh and preventing premature skin aging.

glycolic 20% pH 1.8 highly superficial transparent fluid gel

glycolic 35% superficial pH 1.8 transparent fluid gel

glycolic 50% medium peel pH 1.8 transparent fluid gel

glycolic 70

glycolic 70% medium peel pH<1 transparent very fluid gel