Summer – Sun exposure, pool chlorine, sea salt… but all of these factors contribute to the skin losing its normal moisture levels and despite achieving a beautiful tan, it leaves skin dehydrated.
But when we return to our normal skin routine, the skin also recovers to its normal activity and tries to make up for the dehydration caused by the sun exposure by producing more oil and increasing the problems of acne-prone skin. The concern for this cosmetic disorder is with its remarkable physical and psychological effects is also reinforced by the fact that people suffering with acne usually neglect the treatment during summertime when they perceive an apparent improvement in the appearance of their skin, which in cause brings an unwanted rebound effect when summer is over. Therefore, anti-acne treatments increase at this autumnal time of the year.

Professional beauticians and aestheticians play a key role to prevent and treat cosmetic disorders such as acne, both in young or mature skins. mesoestetic Pharma Group the acne-peel system  made available to them, a professional cosmetic method for the intensive treatment of acne and seborrhoea-prone skin. It is a cross-cutting approach to the different triggering factors of acne, which combines an intensive professional treatment at the clinic with then home maintenance through a full acne product line.
Professionals work with the acne-peel system pack, which contains the quantities of product necessary for performing 5 sessions at the clinic, at 10 to 15-day intervals between sessions, according to the criteria of the aesthetcian and based on the sensitivity and recoverability of the skin to be treated.

The pack includes:
mesopeel azelan – A chemical exfoliant with pH 1.5 that combines azelaic acid with salicylic acid. It is characterised by its comedolytic and antifungal properties, which regulate pigmentation.
post-peel crystal fibre mask- A face mask made of nanofibers distributed in three-dimensions. It reduces the skin surface temperature, restructuring the water-lipid layer and increasing skin hydration level.
pore sealing shield – A single dose of gel with protective shield action that prolongs and preserves the efficacy of the active ingredients applied during the treatment, soothing and enhancing the closure of the pore treated.
post-peel neutralizing spray – A solution formulated at pH 8.6 to neutralise the peeling.


In addition to the professional clinic treatment, maintaining a deep cleansing and hydration routine at home adapted to the needs and characteristics of each skin type is essential for fighting acne. For this, mesoestetic has designed a specific acne solution line to enhance and maintain the results obtained in clinic. Therefore, the patient continues the intensive treatment at home with a simple routine comprising four products:


• Hygiene and purification with purifying mousse, a daily cleansing foam formulated with glycosides and refreshing agents which allow to remove impurities from the skin, providing to it the optimum smoothness conditions together with a pleasant comfort feeling.
acne one treatment cream, the cream for daily use designed for the optimum control of acne and seborrhoea-prone skin. It stimulates simultaneously the exfoliation of the pilosebaceous unit, the reduction of oil production, the control of bacterial growth and the reduction of epidermal redness.
• Focal treatment with imperfection control, a focal use cream indicated for the specific treatment of incipient or refractory acne outbreaks.
• Intensive treatment with pure renewing mask, a descaling, purifying face mask for weekly use and optimum control of oily or acne-prone skin.

As important as daily cleansing is the protection against external agents that contribute to dirty the skin and not let it breathe, such as city pollution, amongst others. Therefore, mesoestetic recommends to complement your treatment against acne with pollution defense ampoules, with a concentrated formula protecting against oxidising agents, specifically against environmental pollution, also preventing skin aging in addition to providing long-lasting hydration all day long.


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