mct injector

Transcutaneous Mesodermic Therapy.


mct injector is a unique injection gun that combines two complementary techniques in a single device:

mesotherapy and carboxytherapy. This convenient, versatile medical device includes high technology features (touch sensitive wheel, high definition colour display, 20 hour battery life, illumination of the treated area, micromassage, portable CO2 cartridges) to guarantee optimal control during treatment.

Used in combination with mesohyal, the most comprehensive, extensive range of CE marked injectible ampoules, practitioners have a precision tool for safely and efficiently correcting the aesthetic facial and body concerns of each individual patient. With the complete assurance of ampoules manufactured by mesoestetic pharma group in Barcelona.

Maximum comfort for the doctor

Ambidextrous design that is both lightweight and ergonomic.
All accessories are portable (including CO2 cartridges).

Treatments can be programmed in a matter of seconds thanks to the touch wheel and high definition colour screen.

Operates equally with a battery (Li-ion) or connected to a power source (90 V – 240 V).

Compatible with all kinds of needles and syringes.
Does not require the use of an exclusive kit.

Directional lighting of treated area.

Healthcare product with CE marking.

Maximum comfort for the patient

mct injector allows totally painless treatments for the patient thanks to:
• high-speed needle projection;
• no vibratory effects;
• simultaneous micromassage or following injections to improve the diffusion of active substances.


mct injector
mesocarboxytherapy by mesoestetic


Medical treatment

Intradermal administration of active substances through multiple micro-injections intended for correcting aesthetic concerns.
Effectiveness based on :
• physical stimulation
• pharmacological effect
• micro-doses

Non-surgical procedure

Injection of medical CO2 into the subcutaneous tissue thanks to a fine needle that performs a powerful vasodilatory effect at the microcirculatory level, increasing lipolysis in the tissues.
The toxins released during the process are eliminated through the lymphatic system, improving the skin tone.


mct injector incorporates 3 programs for the administration of active substances through different injection techniques used in traditional mesotherapy.

For burst, intradermal nappage or point by point injections. mct injector automatically adjusts the depth and speed of the needle in order to perform steady and precise movements.

Program specially designed for point by point injections or to perform intradermal papules. With this program, professionals can freely adjust the depth (from 1 to 13 mm) and the dose (from 0.01 ml and up).

Injection program enabling the placement of implants or fillers. It also enables tracer mesotherapy to be carried out, regulating the volumen injected, the speed of retrograde injection and the injection depth.

mct injector incorporates a portable carbon dioxide injection system in order to perform carboxytherapy treatments comfortably and easily. Carboxytherapy plays a coadjuvant role of mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite and adipose tissue but it can also complement practically all treatments requiring improved microcirculation and increased tissue oxygenation (under-eye puffiness, double chins, slow scarring, vascular disease, etc.).

Total control
Handling control over the depth, angle and volume of each injection. 2 injection methods Manual for the face and periocular area and automatic for the body areas.

Automatic adjustment of gas flow based on the size of the needle.

Progressive injection with simultaneous micromassage.