melan 130 pigment control


Very high factor sun protection with colour indicated for skin with pigmentation imperfections.
50 ml

Tinted facial sunscreen with very high photoprotection indicated for skin with pigmentary imperfections. It helps regulate melanin synthesis by providing a preventative anti-spot action. Its coloured texture provides an imperceptible natural tone. Water-resistant.

potassium azelaoyl diglycinate

mesoprotech® complex

Treatment area face.
frequency of use three times a day.
time of use morning, noon and afternoon.
Clock three times a day, morning, noon and afternoon.

Apply the recommended amount (2 mg/cm2 of skin) half an hour before sun exposure to clean, dry skin. Reducing this dose of cream significantly reduces the level of sun protection. Reapply every two hours when exposed to direct sunlight and especially after drying yourself with a towel, swimming or perspiring. Repeating the application is essential to maintain the level of protection and effectiveness of the treatment. When exposed to direct sunlight, wear sunglasses and a sun hat and avoid the midday hours, which is when solar radiation is most intense (11 a.m. - 4 p.m.). Topical use. Shake before using.

Brand mesoprotech®
Product category home
Age all
Routine stage protection
Type of skin all
indication Skin with pigmentation imperfections. Very high factor sun protection with colour. A depigmenting ingredient helps regulate melanin synthesis by reinforcing the preventative anti spot action. A coloured texture that provides a natural tone and softens imperfections, unifying even the skin tone.
Treatment area face
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mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control

tinted sun protection for skin with pigmentary imperfections.

UVB 131 and UVA 67 high protection

preventive anti-blemish action

tinted sun protection

light texture

water resistant

What is mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control, and what are its benefits?

mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control is a tinted facial sunscreen with very high sun protection indicated for blemished skin

It has high UV protection: UVB 131 and UVA 67.
It evens out skin tone, and the incorporation of pigment enhances protection against solar radiation.

It helps regulate melanin synthesis by providing a preventive anti-blemish action, thanks to a specific active ingredient.

Light texture suitable for all skin types, ideal for incorporating into your daily routine.
Water resistant

main ingredients of mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control


It combines physical and chemical UVB and UVA filters that provide 131 UVB protection and 67 UVA protection. It also contains biological filters for protection against high-energy visible light and infrared radiation (HEV+IR).


It helps regulate melanin synthesis by providing a preventive anti-blemish action.

How to use mesoprotech® melan 130?

apply an adequate amount

Apply 2 mg/cm² (equivalent to a teaspoon). Cover the entire face, neck and neckline
Remember to apply it 30 minutes before sun exposure.

reapply every 2 hours

Especially after swimming, drying with a towel or sweating.

avoid sun exposure during midday and early afternoon

frequently asked questions about mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control

can i use mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control after a skin blemish treatment?

Yes, mesoprotech® melan 130 pigment control is especially recommended as an adjuvant after professional depigmentation treatments. Its high protection factor (UVB, 131, UVA 67) helps to protect sensitised skin against the damaging effects of solar radiation, and it contains a specific active ingredient that inhibits melanin synthesis and enhances its preventive anti-blemish action.
In addition, its tinted texture helps to even out skin tone, visibly reducing discolouration.

when should I use sun protection?

It's important to protect oneself during all seasons, taking special care when enjoying outdoor activities and when solar radiation is more intense, such as at the beach or in the mountains.

Do I also need to protect my skin on cloudy days?

Up to 90% of UV rays penetrate the clouds. Cloudy and windy days can lead to a misperception regarding the intensity of solar radiation, but the effects of radiation are the same.

can I use last summer's sunscreen?

We don't recommend using sunscreen after exceeding the months specified by the PAO (Period After Opening) on the container. The PAO is an icon that can be found on the container and indicates the months that the product is in optimal condition after opening. After this period has elapsed, the protection's efficacy is reduced.