mesopeel_tcamesopeel TCA

Antiaging and deep blemish treatment.


Mesopeel TCA SOFT and mesopeel TCA are both highly efficient treatments against slight to moderate photoaging, wrinkles, actinic and sebhorreic keratosis, pigmentary dischromia, acne and acneic scars, lack of facial luminosity and recovery of skin texture and general skin tone.  The trichloroacetic acid action mechanism is the chemical coagulation of skin proteins and is neutralised by plexo dermis serum.  Acid penetration is progressive and descends freely through the different dermis layers.  Exfoliation capacity varies with concentration.  After healing, the treated area re-epithelises and the new skin is firmer and more elastic.

The high trichloroacetic concentration in mesopeel TCA (35%) enables deeper peel making it highly effective in treating deep wrinkles and blemishes.

tca 15

TCA soft 15% pH 0.8 clear hydrglycerinated solution

TCA 35% pH 0.5 clear hydroglycerinated solution


Trichloroacetic acid 15% (SOFT) and 35%

Treatment cycle

SOFT (15%) treatment cycle:

Can be used on any part of the body particularly in the periocular area.  A 4 session cycle is recommended with a minimum 2 week rest period between sessions.  No more than 2 cycles are recommended per year.

TCA (35%) treatment cycle:

Suitable for skins that have previously been prepared with superficial peels.  A maximum of 2 or 3 sessions per year with minimum rest periods of 4 months.