our history

From a distinguished pharmacy to a global leader in the aesthetic medicine sector









The company has been committed to the development and marketing of top-quality products right from the start, with scientifically proven results.

Our progress is linked to ongoing research and collaboration with hospitals, universities and experienced specialists from the sector as the company works closely with these to research and develop new treatments.


1990 - 1999
Development of a wider portfolio and expansion to international trade

Ongoing collaboration with the medical sector has enabled mesoestetic to develop numerous innovative products to treat other aesthetic problems associated with signs and symptoms of aging and figure concerns.

The results and effectiveness of these products are known worldwide as the company now markets its products in more than 50 countries through distributors and renowned aesthetics professionals.

World-leading treatment for pigmented blemishes: cosmelan®

mesoestetic® is the world leader in the treatment of hyperpigmentation after reformulating one of our most successful products with the launch of cosmelan®.

mesohyal®: customizable anti-aging solutions

Global innovation with the widest range of injectable medical devices with CE marking for intradermal aesthetic injections.

The company is at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, offering a range of products to treat a variety of aging-related problems in a customized, targeted manner.

2011 - 2014
New Headquarters with Biotechnology Unit and Medical Unit

Our current facilities, covering over 8,500 m2, which were opened in 2011, are proof of our commitment to growth and excellence.

Our new headquarters are home to our production lines (cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, medications and injectable medical devices) and our Biotechnology Unit and Medical Unit for Observational Control and Surveillance, which give us the ability to research even more effective active ingredients and conduct in vitro and in vivo testing on the state-of-the-art products we manufacture.

The company exports more than 85% of sales, and our products and treatments are available in more than 90 countries across all continents.

First topical medication: anestopic®

the company obtained authorization from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (Agencia Española del Medicamento y Producto Sanitario) to manufacture and market its first-ever medication.

Anestopic® is a local anesthetic cream for topical application designed to temporarily numb areas of the body prior to certain dermatological and aesthetic procedures.

mesofiller®: last generation of filling products

After four years of research and development, mesoestetic® presents two references of dermal implants based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid of very high quality for correcting wrinkles and restoring facial volume.

mesofiller global® and mesofiller intense are fully integrated in the wide medical range of mesoestetic®, allowing to perform combined and customised treatments to meet each patient’s needs.

Genesis: the first device with the exclusive SmartDrivity® technology

For the purpose of continuing to provide professionals with the most cutting-edge technology and the most effective treatments, mesoestetic® has developed Genesis, the first medical-aesthetic device that is based on SmartDrivity.
Thanks to the smart merging of 4 technologies, together with the pharmacological effect of the exclusive products, Genesis offers a wide range of programmes which allow to create 100% customised treatments, with an excellent therapeutic response level.

Second medical speciality: melanoderm®

mesoestetic®, as a specialist in the development of depigmenting solutions, presents melanoderm®, a highly-effective specific medical treatment that represents a therapeutic option for the treatment of skin hyperpigmentations.

melanoderm® means a further step in the company positioning as world leader in depigmentation, in addition to continue innovating in the medical field to provide professionals with treatments with a high efficacy, safety and tolerance to ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

Purchase of new plots and extension of the corporate headquarters

After years of success and corporate growth, and expecting to continue maintaining the current pace, mesoestetic® acquired the plot adjacent to its facilities to extend its corporate headquarters. The new building will be built to both meet the R&D&I needs of the laboratory and offer the best and most comprehensive training for its partners and customers.

Investment in a new intralogistic centre

mesoestetic® extends again its corporate headquarters with the acquisition of a site of over 3000 m2, adjacent to its facilities in Viladecans. The site will host a new intralogistic project, designed to improve its efficiency, that will optimise 100% the company’s storage operations and 35% its picking operations.

This project is within the framework of the international expansion and growth strategic plan of the company to continue offering in the market the best service and the most innovative products.

New category: aesthetic gynaecology

mesoestetic® extends its portfolio at the service of gynaeco-aesthetics with the aim of offering, mainly to women, treatments for integral body care. Through the recovery of genital harmony, the company intends to contribute to improving sexual health in women, positively impacting their self-esteem and quality of life

In reply to a real market need and developed in collaboration with worldwide benchmarks in this field, mesoestetic® presents dermamelan® intimate, the medical treatment created specifically to remove hyperpigmentation in the intimate area.

This is the first commitment of mesoestetic® to the intimate category, and gathers all the company’s knowledge in depigmentation, an area in which it is the world leader. dermamelan® intimate is the starting point for a global strategy of mesoestetic®, that will shortly introduce novelties for intimate rejuvenation in women.

New mesohyal: cellular treatment based on biomimetic peptides

mesoestetic®: presents a big innovation in intradermal facial treatment by adding two new formulations based on biomimetic peptides, a new generation of highly-effective active ingredients with a high specificity that act on the biological processes that can reverse skin cell aging.

.For the purpose of meeting the growing demand for this type of devices, mesohyal by mesoestetic® becomes established as the broadest range of intradermal solutions, with CE marking, for a customised cellular treatment.

Cleansing solutions: first range to incorporate the new visual image

mesoestetic® presents the new facial hygiene line "cleansing solutions", the first to incorporate the evolution of the brand identity presented in September 2020.

Developed for the most demanding skin care experts, mesoestetic® launches a new generation of facial hygiene that respects and favors the balance of the skin with textures, specific active ingredients and different sensory experiences to meet the needs of each skin type.

The entire range is formulated with postbiotics to provide an effective cleansing, antioxidant, anti-pollution and bio-balancing action, favoring the skin flora and the pH balance of the skin.

New brand image: the item for skincare experts

mesoestetic® continues to grow as a brand and as a company. In September 2020, the laboratory presented the evolution of its visual identity on a global scale, associated with a new claim that encompasses all its values and positions the firm as scientists at the service of beauty: 'the element for skincare experts'.

With the new claim, mesoestetic® is positioned as the essential element for skin care and values research and medical knowledge as the future of beauty.

In this way, mesoestetic® continues to bet on innovating and always looking to the future, building on its strengths through a visual evolution that aims to be the starting point of a new stage in which the company aspires to continue being a benchmark.

Opening of the first mesoestetic® subsidiary in Poland

At mesoestetic® we have had a clear vocation right from the start: to develop and market medical-cosmetic treatments of maximum safety, efficacy and quality around the world.

On 1 April, with a presence in more than 90 countries, we were proud to open our first subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland. This represents an important step in our internationalisation strategy, while making this country a strategic market for the company.

New dermamelan®: science versus hyperpigmentation

After several years of research, mesoestetic® presents the new dermamelan®, the only responsive depigmentation treatment on the market that has a corrective and regulating action.

mesoestetic® has been offering depigmentation solutions for over 30 years, which has led the company to become the worldwide benchmark in this field. The new dermamelan® combines in its development all this expertise with the latest scientific research and the use of new technologies (big data, artificial intelligence and computational design). As a result, we have a treatment that offers even more effective results, with a protocol that is much more convenient for the patient and by means of which the laboratory has obtained 2 patents (the melaphenone® molecule and the (SYN)PIGMENTARGET complex of active substances).

Aesthetic gynaecology: solutions for the female intimate treatment

At mesoestetic® we work with gynaecology experts to improve women's intimate well-being and health. Following the launch of the intimate depigmenting solution dermamelan® intimate in 2020, this year 2022, we are presenting new solutions with hyaluronic acid (mesofiller® sensitive, mesofiller® sensitive plus e hydragel intimate) aimed at restoring the functionality, comfort and appearance of the intimate area and improving the quality of life of women.

New bodyshock®: custom-made body solutions

As a result of studying multiple alterations of the silhouette and understanding the triggers that influence its development, here we present the bodyshock® professional treatment : an innovative range of body solutions tailored to every need and backed by proven results.

A fully-personalised protocol with formulas that combine efficacy and sensations . bodyshock® delivers visible results against the main body alterations (cellulite, localised fat, flaccidity and stretch marks).

New mesoestetic® patent: epigenetics, deciphering aging markers

fter 7 years of research, and in collaboration with the Josep Carreras Institute, we have patented [meso]epigen system™, a proven complex based on epigenetics that manages to reverse the consequences of markers that negatively affect the gene expression, counteracting the signs of aging.

This complex was included in the formulation of the professional antiaging treatment age element® in 2021, and now it has been included in the new line of home products, that correct the main signs of aging: loss of luminosity, lack of firmness and wrinkles and expression lines, in order to enhance beauty at every each stage of life.

Expansion of mesoestetic® headquarters and the production capacity

With the aim of continuing to pioneer innovation and research, sustaining our long-term growth and providing our customers with an excellent service, this year 2023, we have inaugurated our headquarters' expansion.

This expansion will lead to further scalability and development, increasing our productive capacity threefold thanks to the unique teams around the world, and a commitment to new technologies that improve our operations and control of the value chain.

We have also revamped our laboratories, positioning ourselves as the only company in Spain with its own R&D&i resources and facilities in the fields of Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutics and Technology Transfer, where we work synergistically to generate proprietary scientific knowledge and thus continue at the forefront of aesthetic medicine.

As a result, a more competitive, sustainable and digital mesoestetic® is born.

mesopeel® and mesopeel MD: multi-acid technology endorsed by results

mesoestetic® presents two innovative ranges of high-quality, safe and effective chemical peels designed for professionals in the cosmetics sector (mesopeel®) and exclusively for dermatologists and cosmetic medicine physicians (mesopeel MD). Versatile and modular solutions with an optimal balance between strength and safety based on advanced formulas that combine chemical exfoliants to treat the most common cosmetic conditions.