post-procedure fast skin repair

Post-treatment post-procedure fast skin repair.



A cream with a complex formulation with antiedematous and antiierythematous properties enhancing the reepithelisation and healing of tissues dammaged by sun exposure or the application of treatments that activate a desuamation process.


It is essential to use it in cases of desquamation after applying specific treatments with mesoclat or mesopeel and other treatments including a controlled aggression on the skin. Ideal for application after a treatment to reduce microcapillaries with smartPL.

Active Ingredient

DMAE: Improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Anti-aging complex: Starflower oil, centella asiatica extract, liquorice extract.

Antioxidant complex: lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10, idebenon, rosemary plant extract soy and wheat germ proteins..

Method of Use

Apply over the treated area with a gentle massage until complete absorption each time you experience tight skin. Finish by protecting the skin with moisturising sun protection.