professional treatment

firming solution

Firming treatment for face and neck with collagen.

A simple, effective professional treatment for face and neck combining products which are highly redensifying and tightening, with an
exclusive firming massage technique.

The complete treatment includes 5 sessions that are performed in 4 stages:

Stage I: preparation of the skin. Cleansing and toning the skin of the neckline, neck and face.

Stage II: application of a serum highly concentrated in marine collagen through a firming massage that promotes the penetration of the active ingredients.

Stage III: Enhancement of the result. Application of a face mask composed of 3D nano-fibers. Its occlusive effect improves the permeability and the conveyor effectiveness of active ingredients. Instant lifting effect.

Stage IV: finishing. The treatment is finished with the application of a high-factor sunscreen.

Stage V: home maintenance. After performing the complete treatment the professional will give you the day and night cream of the collagen 360º line to maintain and prolong the results obtained in the salon.

Additional information

Skin type all.
Application area face.
Procedure aging.

Treatment information

Collagen is the main component of the skins’ fundamental substance. Both skin thickness and tensile strength depend on the quality of collagen synthesis.

Over time there is a reduction in collagen synthesis, its degradation increases and its fibers become disorganized, causing damage to the tissues and loss of facial volume.


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