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Combining everyday home care and professional treatments results in more visible and longer-lasting results.


In mesoestetic® we are specialists in skin depigmentation. Over 30 years constantly seeking innovation in this field have allowed us to offer consolidated, recognised depigmentation solutions which support our leadership

We make available to beauty professionals a range of depigmentation solutions and the clinical and technical knowledge required to treat any type of skin hyperpigmentation with the maximum efficacy, safety and satisfaction for the client.

Discover our mesoestetic professional depigmentation solutions and become a benchmark depigmentation centre.


Skin aging is a gradual process that is evidenced as a series of disorders in skin look and texture. According to the scale defined by Dr. Glogau, skin aging can be classified in four stages, reflecting the severity of the epidermal and dermal damage.

The four stages of aging must be treated differentially and sequentially. For this, mesoestetic® has specific antiaging treatments that provide both a preventive and a palliative response adapted to each of them.


Oily acne-prone skins show overproduction of oil, dilated pores, thickened surface, uneven texture and a higher susceptibility to the appearance of imperfections. Their characteristics require specific cosmetic products that help regulate the amount of oil and glares, prevent clogged pores and bacterial proliferation, and improve skin texture and renewal.

mesoestetic® has a full range of solutions to treat oily acne-prone skins. Products developed together with specialist dermatologists and formulated with last-generation oil-regulating, exfoliating, keratolytic and antimicrobial active ingredients.

sun care

Sun exposure can be beneficial for the body. However, skin does not have the natural ability to filter all effects of occasional or cumulative overexposure on the body. Sun radiation penetrates at different skin depths causing differentiated biological effects; they trigger oxidative processes that cause premature photoaging, appearance of spots, etc.

mesoprotech® is the innovative range that offers the most advanced, complete photoprotective technology, adapted to all types of skins.


Scientific innovation reaches reshaping of the figure thanks to the ultraconcentrated active ingredients used to design the bodyshock body line, addressing particularly the most characteristic beauty concerns of the figure.

An IN & OUT home regimen for the treatment of six specific areas (legs, abdomen and flanks, buttocks, arms, double chin and breast) which allows to enhance and improve the results of professional treatments in the cabin.

sensitive skin

Sensitive or sensitised skin is characterised by an altered skin barrier that causes excessive reactivity against external factors. This causes signs such as redness, itching, tightness, burning, capillary fragility and severe sensitivity in case of any physical aggression.

mesoestetic® has a range of solutions specifically developed to soothe and smooth the reactive signs related to skin sensitivity and return comfort and well-being to the skin. Formulas with a high tolerance for the most sensitive, delicate skin.

facial hygiene

The skin surface is an essential communication membrane and protective barrier, continuously exposed to external factors that affect its balance and alter its look: dull tone, imperfections, irregular texture or premature aging.

cleansing solutions are a new generation of facial cleansers with post-biotics that provide an effective cleansing action, enhance pH and flora balance in the skin and protect the skin from environmental pollution. Textures and active ingredients specific to meet the needs of all types of skin.

A range developed for experts in the care of the most demanding skins.

hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem affecting men and women, characterised by an increased hair weakness leading to a loss of volume and quality of hair.

Tricology is the anti-hair loss treatment with repairing and revitalising action that acts on the hair and scalp to stop loss, enhance growth and strengthen it, for improving its quality and amount and returning to it a healthy, bright look.

under-eye bags and circles

Eye contour is a particularly delicate area that has differentiated anatomic characteristics, which explain that the treatment must be specific.

Professional treatment with global action that allows to correct multiple eye contour imperfections: wrinkles, under-eye circles, bags and drooping upper eyelid. Combines several categories for a more potent, effective result.

peeling solutions

Our skin is renewed and regenerated naturally every 28 days. This renewal process becomes slower and more irregular with age. As a result of this, dead cells build up on the skin surface, causing the appearance of skin disorders such as: dilated pores, wrinkles, dull tone, acne, spots, etc.

mesoestetic® offers home solutions that speed up skin renewal thanks to the presence in their formula of exfoliating ingredients at specific concentrations, that allow to renew the skin to reduce imperfections, refine texture and enhance brightness and radiance.

hydration dry skin

Lack of hydration is a transient state of the skin that can affect all types of skins and is characterised by the presence of insufficient water in the epidermis, which results in a dull, rough, tight skin and even involves skin flaking and sensitivity.

mesoestetic® has a range of solutions to restore optimum hydration levels with products adapted to the needs of all types of skin to return to its full functionality, smoothness, elasticity and a healthy, bright look.