stem cell

Regenerative treatment for the face and neck with stem cell.


Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different dermal layers. With the passing of time, its activity slows down: the skin loses its capacity for renewal, resulting in lack of tone and deep wrinkles.

stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells, that has been formulated to reverse cell regeneration, slowing down and strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.

The plant stem cells extract contained in stem Cell have shown their ability to effectively protect and reactivate our own dermoepidermal stem cells, carrying out a strong antiaging and antiwrinkle effect on the skin.


Professional Treatment


Stem cell serum restructurative

Highly concentrated serum with intensive re-generating effect. Prolongs the life of skin cells repairing deep wrinkles.

Active substances:

10% plant stem cell extract

Method / Protocol

Phase I : Skin preparation

Clean and tone up the neckline, neck and face with hydra milk cleanser and hydratonic.


Phase II : Energising Massage

Prepare the mixture for massage by emulsifying 3 doses of facial massage cream (6ml) with a single dose of Stem Cell serum.


Heat slightly in the hands, spread the product and begin the manoeuvres detailed in the energising massage protocol (15mins)

Phase III : Boosting the result

Take the two pieces of crystal fiber mask out of the packet.  First apply the piece for the neck, adapting it’s placement to the anatomic shape.


Allow to act for 20 minutes.

Phase IV : Finishing

Massage again the content of one dose of facial massage cream until it is fully absorbed.


Complete the treatment with the application of moisturising sun protection.

Phase V : Home Maintenance

The professional pack includes a bottle of stem cell intensive cream for home maintenance of the results obtained in the beauty salon.


stemcell-8Home – Active Growth Factor

Regenerative cream that combines the action of plant stem cells extract with that of growth factors to achieve skin restructuration from inside the cell. Growth factors are small fragments of biologically active proteins that belong to the cytokine group. These are key elements to intercellular communication and external control of cell reproduction mechanisms.

This can attract and guide the cells to the site where they are needed, and are involved in the generation of new cells by cell division.

Other active substances

Dexpanthenol: Stimulates fibroblast function strengthening the structure of the skin support matrix.

Matrixyl: Combination of small synthetic peptides that act synergistically stimulating dermal matrix repairing processes.

Lipochroman-6: Last-generation antioxidant and cell protector.

Method of Use

Apply morning and night onto the face, neck and neckline using a gentle circular motion until product has fully absorbed.

Home – Nanofiller Lip Contour

stemcell-9The first filling effect cream based on plant stem cells extract and hyaluronic acid specifically designed for the treatment of the delicate lip contour area. This unique combination acts synergistically and provides a twofold effect:

Regenerator: The plant stem cell extract stimulates collagen and elastin production, prolonging cell life.

Filler: hyaluronic acid fills the thinner areas, providing support to the cells created.

Other active substances

Hyaluronic acid: Natural polysaccharide that performs a support function for collagen and elastin fibres. Able to retain a thousand times its own weight in water.

Method of use

Apply morning and night in the lip contour by means of gently touching with the fingertips until it is fully absorbed.

Home – Serum Restructuractive

stemmcell1-10Ultraconcentrated serum with intensive renewal action. With 10% stem cell extract, it is a powerful starting treatment against cell aging, reversing the skin degradation process.

Active substances:

Vitamins A and E: with intensive antioxidant, emulsifying, moisturising and regenerating properties.

Method of use:

Apply the full contents of a single dose once a week at night using a gentle circular motion massage until it is fully absorbed.


stem cell body serum – Age Smart Beauty

200 mlstem cell body
Rejuvenating facial and body modelling.  It moisturizes, firms and progressively redefines the figure.  stem cell body serum provides a complete antiaging treatment by increasing body metabolism, stimulating cell regeneration and toning tissues.  It has a light texture which enable optimal hydration.
Skin is softer, smoother and recovers firmness, elasticity and tone.
Contain mesoestetics innovative chronosmart peptide that detects and adapts to skin needs at all times by synchronising skin cell biorythmns producing an intelligent 24 hour action.  It stimulates your skins own natural abilities increasing protection by day and repair and renewal by night.

Active Substances

Apple Stem Cell extract
Chronosmart Peptide
Retinol: stimulates cell renewal and collagen.
DMAE: promotes the synthesis of collagen for a firming and antioxidant action.
Rosemary extract: improves microcirculation, promoting drainage and a consequent anti-cellulite effect.

How to use:   apply morning and or evening on clean, dry skin, using upward circular movements, focus on the areas most prone to sagging.

An excellent post peel / dermabrasion product.