ultimate W+ skin whitening solution

Ultimate W+ is a cosmeceutical skin whitening product line enriched with [meso]white complex.


Solar radiation, skin aging and genetics are among the main factors influencing the tone and intensity of skin pigmentation, and can lead to unsightly effects

Ultimate W+ is cosmeceutical line enriched with [meso]white complex, a unique complex based on active substances with a threefold action:because of excessive melanin accumulation.  In addition, skin tone becomes uneven over time and localised dark spots appear.

Whitening and Lightening: it inhibits the enzymes involved in the melanin synthesis processes, while at the same time stimulating cell renewal, removing melanin accumulations.  It makes skin tone uniform and lightens it, attenuating the appearance of dark spots.

Antiaging moisturising: enhances the natural skin barrier.  It minimises the pore size and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Preventive and protective: powerful antioxidant action.  It protects from UV rays and pollution.

Whitening Cream

white-2A whitening cream formulated to smooth out skin tone reducing spot coloration while preventing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The combination of [meso]white complex with garden cress regulates melanogenesis, limiting melanin formation.  Skin tone is more uniform, skin is visibly clearer and glowing.

Packaged size 50ml

Whitening Spot Eraser

white-3Ultra-concentrated skin whitening treatment indicated for local action over hyperpigmentation of the face, neck, neckline, and hands.  The [meso]white complex attenuates the intensity and size of dark spots and it causes a keratolytic action that enables stimuting cell renewal, smoothing out the skin tone and preventing the appearance of new excess pigmentation.  Its format with applicator enables a precise product distribution.

Packaged size 15ml

Whitening Essence

white-4An intensive serum with whitening and antioxidant action.  It prevents and significantly attenuates the appearance of dark spots and small wrinkles, unifying the skin tone.  The [meso]white complex combined with garden cress inhibits tyrosinase and limits melanin transfer to the upper skin layers, enhancing correction of pigmentation irregularities.  Its ultra-light texture leaves the skin matt, the spots fade away, the complexion progressively recovers homogeneity and optimum luminosity.

Packaged size 30ml

Whitening BB Cream SPF50

white-5Multi-action cream which combines the moisturising power and high protection of a treatment product with the perfecting properties of a make-up base, unifying and illuminating the skin tone instantly and naturally.

Available in Medium tone.

Packaged size 50ml

Whitening Foam

white-6Cleanses and purifies the skin in depth, effectively removing the remains of make-up and eliminating dead cells and impurities.  It contains glycolic acid and lactic acid which have a mild keratolytic, renovating and seboregulating action.  Its creamy texture becomes a soft rich foam which is easy to rinse off, leaving the skin moisurised, fresh and luminous.

Packaged size 100ml

Whitening Toning Lotion

white-7Toning clarification lotion, mattifying and regulating, that completes, make-up removal and optimises the efficacy of the treatments applied subsequently.  Frees the skin of impurities and leaves it perfectly clean and matt.  Stimulates natural regeneration and unifies the skin tone.  Its gel texture provides a sensation of comfort and immediate freshness.  Does not contain alcohol.

Packaged size 200ml


Whitening Anti-perspirant Roll-on

Deodorant that regulates and reduces excessive perspiration with long lasting action (48 hours) antibacterial and antiperspirant agents. Its whitening and antioxidant complex effectively protects the skin from daily aggressions (UV radiation, etc.). Lightens the skin tone of the underarms, preventing the appearance of dark spots.

Alcohol-free formula, with aloe vera and vitamin E, ensures high tolerance and protects against the risks of irritation, caring for and soothing the underarms even after depilation. High skin tolerance. Easy application roll-on format dispenses the right amount of the product on the skin. Mild fragrance and light texture jwith a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Active Ingredients:

Garden Cress

Powerful phytonutrient that inhabits tyrosinase and α-MSH, both involved in melanin synthesis processes. Attenuates the appearance of spots on skin and provides whitening benefits.

Disodium azelate

Antibacterial and antiproliferative agent with anti-melanogenesis-inhibiting properties. Gradually lightens and reduces the size of areas affected by hyperpigmentation.


Whitening action. Inhibits the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.

Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant, soothing and hydrating action. Helps to relieve irritation.

Aloe vera

Soothing, with hydrating and whitening properties.



Once a day

Wash and carefully dry the underarms to allow correct application of the deodorant and to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Gently slide the roll-on applicator over the area. Let dry for a few seconds before getting dressed.

Ultimate W+ Whitening Elixir

Drinkable nutricosmetic with whitening and antioxidant action, especially indicated for unifying the tone of the skin, reducing the appearance of dark spots and preventing skin aging. Inhibits the melanin synthesis process and protects against photo-oxidation caused by UV radiation.

Bearberry extract

Derived from the uva-ursi plant. Its whitening and depigmenting action enables it to attenuate spots on skin.

Pine bark extract

Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effect due to its high polyphenol content. Protects against the effects of UV radiation.

Gallic and lipoic acid

Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, which plays a role in the process of melanin synthesis.


Every 6 months
The recommended daily dose is 1 vial a night for the first 6 days of every month for 3 months. The treatment can be repeated twice a year.