sensitive skin

  1. What is sensitive skin, and how do you to treat it?
    What is sensitive skin, and how do you to treat it?

    We are going to explain what sensitive skin is and how to take care of it with products specifically designed to calm the skin and restore its balance.

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  2. Treating Rosacea
    Treating Rosacea

    Rosacea is a chronic hypersensitivity disorder of the face, common on the nose and cheeks and appears red, lumpy and can exhibit excessive oiliness and visible blood vessels called telangiectasias or spider veins. The skin may also appear dry and feel stingy. The cause of Rosacea is unknown but the condition can be aggravated or triggered by sun exposure, stress, digestive disorders, extreme temperatures, spicy food, alcohol. It is essential for the client to avoid sun exposure and the use of a clinic recommended sunscreen is mandatory. Non-medics are able to treat a mild non-active rosacea but must be aware that inflammation will contra-indicate and healing will be longer, reactions are more likely and sensations would be greater. The symptoms of the condition are easier to treat when they are in the earlier stages so an early consultation is paramount. Rosacea should be treated with care and progression. It is recommended prior to an in-clinic treatment, to ensure the skin is well balanced to address inflammation, redness, dehydration and irritation. We advise to commence the clients programme with the use of homecare to address these concerns, with an aim to eventually introducing either a mandelic or azelan mesopeel to encourage results quicker.

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