Are you losing too much hair when you brush? When you use your shampoo or conditioner, do you think you are losing more than normal? Does your hair look thinner and dull?

Hair loss can be prolonged or temporary and it mostly occurs in autumn. Periods of stress and the postnatal stage can also have a negative effect on our hair. Whatever the situation, you should treat the problem and understand which products can help you revitalize your hair and prevent that unattractive dry look.

There are many recommendations regarding thinning hair; home remedies, special shampoos, and so on. The first step is to understand our hair type to identify where the problem originates and how we can treat it. At mesoestetic we have two solutions for hair loss: tricology hair growth intensive lotion and tricology intensive hair loss shampoo.

Tricology hair growth intensive lotion is an intensive anti-hair loss treatment with revitalizing action. It is recommended for both temporary hair loss and for combating the many factors which trigger hair loss in men and women. Its exclusive formula, developed by mesoestetic, promotes blood circulation which helps the delivery of nutrients to the hair. It also stimulates the hair follicles responsible for hair growth and hydrates the hair.

Tricology intensive hair loss shampoo slows down and attenuates hair loss both in men and women. This shampoo can be used together with tricology hair growth intensive lotion for a complete treatment, applying the solutions on alternate days. For dry hair, it is advisable to only apply it twice a week.

If you suffer more severe hair loss, there are other treatments: the injection of active ingredients with mesotherapy or microneedling. These treatments must be performed by doctors or professionals qualified in aesthetics.  Find out more!