Facial mesotherapy is a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment with numerous benefits – and some may come as a surprise.

No doubt you’ve already heard of facial mesotherapy. But if you’re wondering exactly what it is and what it can do for you, read on! 

What is facial mesotherapy? 

Facial mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that corrects a host of aesthetic imperfections. A powerful cocktail of active substances target the superficial layers of the skin, delivered through a series of small injections. It’s suitable for anyone over the age of 18, regardless of sex, ethnicity or skin type.  

What are the benefits of mesotherapy? 

The benefits of mesotherapy are numerous. The results you get all depends on the formula of the injectables you go for. With the right ingredients, it can:  

  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Achieve a brighter complexion
  • Offer deep hydration
  • Firm the skin, reducing wrinkles 
  • Prevent oxidative stress 
  • Reduce pigmentation 

How does mesotherapy work? 

So how and why does this treatment work? It’s a combination of three factors:  

  1. The action of the injection itself provides physical stimulation, also know as ‘mechanical stimulation’. This activates the skin’s powers of repair and regeneration. 
  1. The active ingredients penetrate the zone of application directly, maximising the efficacy of the micro-injections. 
  1. The ‘microdoses' of the formula activate a higher number of skin receptors, optimising the absorption of active substances. 

What results will I see after mesotherapy? 

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is when the results will start to show. You’ll see the initial results immediately after your first session.That's what makes this treatment ideal for special events like weddings, parties or holidays. Having said that, we recommend a minimum of 5 sessions if you want to get the best results. 

Before and after 

With facial mesotherapy, the before and after pictures speak for themselves:  

5 sessions of mesotherapy to treat crow’s feet:  

mesoterapia contorno de ojos
mesoterapia contorno de ojos

5 sessions of mesotherapy to treat frown lines: 

mesoterapia facial antes y después
mesoterapia facial antes y despué

If you want to take the powerful results of mesotherapy to the next level, you can combine the treatment with other facial procedures such as peelings. If you want to improve your skin quality but invasive procedures aren’t your thing, combine peeling with mesotherapy to get winning results. 

In this example, at mesoestetic® we created a custom protocol of 3 peeling sessions and 3 mesotherapy sessions to treat crow’s feet: 

mesoterapia facial
mesoterapia facial

Does mesotherapy have any side effects? 

The treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor for anyone with an allergy to any of the active ingredients used in the formula. 

After your mesotherapy session you're free to carry on with normal life! But we do suggest you avoid swimming pools or saunas, exposure to sunlight, and don’t wear any makeup for 24 hours following your treatment. 

Find out about mesotherapy solutions from mesoestetic® 

mesoestetic® has developed a range of 13 products mesohyal® which we use as a basis for your treatment plan, perfectly tailored to every patient and every session. All products in the mesohyal® range contain non-reticulated hyaluronic acid to improve skin quality and elasticity. The range also comes with a wealth of other active agents known for their strong therapeutic results, including vitamins, coenzymes, natural extracts, aminoacids, mineral salts and biomimetic peptides.  

How much does facial mesotherapy cost? 

The cost of facial mesotherapy depends on the number of sessions and the products used, as well as your choice of clinic. Ready to see the impressive benefits of mesotherapy for yourself? Find your nearest centre and book your appointment now.