It’s not used to identify products and it doesn’t beep at the cash register, but this slang term is most descriptive. Barcode lip is a basic aesthetic concern from the age of

barcode lip

Although wrinkles are a condition of ageing, it is logical to want to keep the skin from ageing. We'll give you some details to understand what causes barcode lip, and also some basic guidelines to prevent it from happening.

What is barcode lip and at what age does it show up?

The skin layer that covers the orbicularis muscle of the mouth is some of the thinnest on the human body, and also among the most used; it moves when we talk, eat, smile, gesture... It's logical, therefore, that it's one of the areas of the skin that ages the fastest.

These fine vertical and parallel wrinkles that appear around the lips, mainly on the upper lip between the smile lines (which go from the nostrils to the corners of the lips), are what is known in the world of aesthetics as a "barcode", and is, as we noted, one of the first manifestations of skin ageing.

As for the age at which these wrinkles appear, it can happen around the age of forty, when expression lines start to become more pronounced and the skin in this area begins to lose its natural firmness, elasticity and turgidity.

How to get rid of barcode lip

The root cause of this "barcode" appearing is the decrease or loss of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Because of this, among the many treatments that exist for these wrinkles, two stand out thanks to their good results, high effectiveness and proven safety:

  • Lip contour. Our age element® anti-wrinkle lip and contour is a home treatment to combat barcode lips by combining a marine biotechnological extract, the sinalbin molecule and our [meso]epigen systemTM to reverse the effect of epigenetic markers. Sinalbin has a natural plumping effect. In addition, the ceramic applicator helps to massage the lip contour, which aids penetration by the active ingredients.
  • Dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is perhaps the main regenerative agent for getting rid of barcode lip. In our mesofiller® medical/aesthetic treatment line, we use densiMatrix® technology to guarantee the highest quality, purity, safety and efficiency of the filler.

How to keep them from appearing

Save for exceptional cases, these perilabial wrinkles will inevitably appear with age. But it is possible to prevent, delay and minimise barcode lips if you follow a series of good practices from an early age. Like these:

  • Avoid harmful lifestyles, mainly smoking (there's a reason these creases are also known as "smoker's wrinkles").
  • Use specific sunscreens to protect the area from photoaging caused by sunlight with specific sunscreens.
  • For skin with a good texture, we strongly recommend gentle exfoliation once a week.
  • Strengthening the area with facial gymnastics is a great way to keep the lip contour healthy.
  • Try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, and make sure you get plenty of vitamin C.
  • And last on our list, but perhaps most importantly: drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

As you can see, a combination of preventive care involving nutrition, beauty routines and behaviours can go a long way in terms of prevention, so keep them in mind; they will also help you not just with barcode lip, but also to keep your skin generally healthy.

Your lips say it all

Keeping your lips full and voluptuous is directly related to a healthy lip contour: Take care of it!

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